First post! August 19 2014, 1 Comment

Hi everyone! This is Toni Lee Jimenez, the Founder of SCHOLAR SOX and CHICAGIRL Magazine. I am very excited for the world to know about SCHOLAR SOX (knee-high socks with bows)! When I started SCHOLAR SOX I knew I wanted the mission to reflect CHICAGIRL Magazine's mission...and education has always been an integral part of all my businesses. CHICAGIRL Magazine has awarded over $250,000 in scholarship money to our readers and I want to continue adding to this success. Therefore, I am so proud to announce our SCHOLAR SOX for Education program. It's a fun and fashionable way to support schools. At the end of the year, we will give back a portion of the proceeds to schools that participate in our program. There is a great need for scholarships at these grade levels and I am so happy that I will be able to help students and parents with our SCHOLAR SOX for Education program. 

I encourage parents, students, teachers, and principals to promote our SCHOLAR SOX for Education program. Together, we can really make a difference!

Education is key and SCHOLAR SOX for Education is dedicated to education!

Thank you again!

*I am a proud product of private sisters and I always wore knee-high socks, but now they are fashionable with bows! GO SCHOLAR SOX GO!