Hi, my name is Toni Lee Jimenez and I am the founder of CHICAGIRL Magazine—a magazine dedicated to young girls to pursue their dreams and inspire readers with every issue. Every girl is smart, beautiful, and has an inspirational story to tell. That's why we only feature REAL girls on the cover! 

Over the past 9 years, CHICAGIRL magazine has awarded over $250,000 in scholarship money to our readers. It's been a very rewarding experience but I knew, together, we could do more...


Every year for Christmas, my sisters and I make each other a Christmas “wish list.” We always have fun with our lists and put whatever we want…no matter how big or small. It’s a great way to get creative!

One year, my sister asked for socks. I knew she loved bows so I came up with the idea to make knee-high socks and make them unique and fun by adding a cute bow.   I knew she would love them because, as proud products of private schools, my sisters and I always loved wearing knee-high socks.

I am asked to speak at schools as a motivational speaker throughout the year.  I love sharing my story with the hopes of encouraging our youth to follow their dreams and make them a reality!   I noticed that many of the students I visited were wearing knee-high socks...And then it hit me!  What about creating cute pairs of socks for school? I started thinking...knee-high socks, schools, education, scholarships...what about SCHOLAR SOX? But I didn't just want them to be a "school sock." Our motto & mission is SCHOLAR SOX is a "Smart & Fashionable Way To Give Back To Education!" Girls can "Wear them anytime! Just use your imagination!" 

And before officially launching SCHOLAR SOX I met with a Superintendent and she informed me that there was a real need for scholarships at the elementary, middle and high school levels. I knew immediately that because I was already awarding scholarships for higher education that now it was time to focus on primary and secondary education scholarships. SCHOLAR SOX was the perfect way to bridge the gap! 

The SCHOLAR SOX for Education program

It is such an honor to give back to our youth with our SCHOLAR SOX for Education program. It's a fun and fashionable way to support elementary, middle, and high school students. At the end of the year, we will give back a portion of the proceeds to scholarships. There is a great need for scholarships at these grade levels and we are so happy that we will be able to help students and parents with our SCHOLAR SOX for Education program.  I would also like to thank Hope For The Future for our continued partnership and giving back scholarships.

We encourage parents, students, teachers, and principals to join our mission to educate our youth by participating in our SCHOLAR SOX for Education program. Together, we can really make a difference! Wear yours proudly because we give back to education!

SCHOLAR SOX is dedicated to education. Be Smart and Fashionable!




Hi, my name is Mei-Lon Jimenez and I’m the VP and co-founder of SCHOLAR SOX. My sister and I are excited to share our story with you! We're passionate about our scholarship concept and believe SCHOLAR SOX is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Our socks are simple, yet have a unique style to inspire and empower girls that Smart is Beautiful.

 Over the last two years, we’ve been attending fashion trade shows, trunk shows, cheer competitions and Back-To-School school tours. We’ve also been featured in newspapers and on TV Morning Shows! Our hard work is paying off and Scholar Sox are now sold in several boutiques across the South & Midwest PLUS we are proudly approved by the Archdiocese of SA for school uniforms! (Click here for approved school list)

 A BIG Texas “THANK YOU” to all our customers, supporters and educators. We appreciate you spreading the word and following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see where we’re headed next…

 Mei-Lon xoxo


                                                                                                                                             Sisters: Toni Lee Jimenez and Mei-Lon Jimenez