How can my school participate in SCHOLAR SOX for Education?

If you do not see your school listed in the "School Codes" tab, email us at Admin@scholarsox.com and we will email you information on how your school can participate.


Do I have to enter a "School Code" when I checkout?

No, entering a school code is optional.


Can I submit photos of my daughter wearing SCHOLAR SOX?

YES! Please share on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram and Twitter! #SCHOLARSOX  #RockMySox


How many pairs of socks come in a package?

2 pairs of socks/same color/same size


How can I contact SCHOLAR SOX?

Email us at Admin@scholarsox.com/ Visit our Facebook Page/ Visit our Twitter Page/ Visit our Instagram Page


Are SCHOLAR SOX only to be worn for school?

Absolutely not, use your imagination! Pair them with your favorite boots, wear them to dance class, wear them to softball practice...share with us how you wear your SCHOLAR SOX!


How long does it take to receive monogrammed orders?

Estimated time for monogram orders is 3-5 working days, plus shipping time.


Can I return monogrammed orders?

Unfortunately, because those orders are customized we cannot accept returned items. Please see our Return/Exchange Policy on the checkout page for more details.